Powerhouse Athletics specializes in Educational Gymnastics (ages 3-5), Tumbling (ages 5-18, all levels) and Cheerleading Prep!


Powerhouse Athletics is located at 1559 West 2740 North, Suite C, Pleasant View Ut. 84404, USA.




In the Little Stars Program, your student will work developmentally appropriate skills, learn to follow verbal directions, participate in age-appropriate activities and gain a love for movement and working in a group! They will also practice communication, counting, animals, colors and more. Little Stars will develop their confidence and physical abilities. This age group is prime age for quick learning because of they they make leaps of progress in coordination, balance and motor skills.


In tumbling 1 & 2 we strive to build a great foundation where our athletes learn to love the sport. Our athletes learn a broad base of skills, build strength, and create habits in movement that they will use throughout all levels of tumbling. Some of the many skills we will cover in this level are cartwheel, roundoff, pre-handstand, fall into bridge, bridge stand up, bridge kick over and more.


Tumbling 3 is an exciting class as the athletes have worked so hard to build the pieces towards some big skills that we get to see come together throughout tumbling 3! Those skills include back handspring, front walkover and back walkover!! In tumbling 3 we are also working towards a strong running roundoff as well as a pop cartwheel and single arm cartwheel.


In tumbling 4 we will put a huge emphasis on strengthening the back handspring and work to be able to pass off a strong roundoff 3 back handsprings. Athletes will learn to connect front and back walkovers to other tumbling skills. We will learn a side aerial, a pop front walkover and more. We highly recommend 2 classes a week at this level.


In Tumbling 5 we will work on mastering how to do a tuck and be able to pass off a roundoff 2 back handsprings and a tuck. We will also work on a standing tuck, standing side aerial, running front aerial, back handspring step out and more. At this level we HIGHLY recommend registering for 2 classes a week.


This is a specialty class and has a minimum of a strong roundoff back handspring tuck in order to enroll. In this class we will be working whips, layouts, fulls and combo passes.


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